Summer Camp 2018 Pre-Registration

Summer 2017 had record registration numbers and several sessions filled earlier than normal. Reserve your child's place in Summer 2018 camps by pre-registering today. To add your camper to the list, simply follow the 3 steps below.

  1. Complete the online form below for each camper you wish to pre-register. (You will not choose a particular session or camp at this time. There will be an opportunity for pre-registered families to choose their session in the fall.)
  2. After receiving your pre-registration invoice, make a $75 deposit for each camper registered. Invoices will be mailed in early October.
  3. Return your deposit by 10/1/17 and you'll receive the following benefits!

You can also complete and mail this Printable Pre-Registration Form.

Pre-Registration Benefits:

  • Save on summer camp. Lock in this year's rates for next year's camps.
  • Get a new camp t-shirt! Receive a t-shirt and certificate for each child pre-registered by 10/1*. What a great gift to put under the Christmas tree!
  • Take advantage of our payment plan. The earlier you register your child for camp and make your $75 deposit, the earlier you can begin a payment plan. Parents who register by 10/1 can choose to have their 2018 camp fees broken down into 8 equal monthly payments--making it easier to build summer camp into your family's budget.
  • Peace of mind. 2017 camps set record registration levels and many sessions filled early, you can rest easy knowing that your camper's spot is reserved for Summer 2018.

*For pre-registrations received after 10/1/17, you will NOT receive the camp t-shirt but you WILL still lock-in this year's rates. All pre-registrations must be received by 11/1/17 in order to receive 2017 rates on 2018 camps. Registrations received after 11/1/17 will pay 2018 summer camp rates.

Pre-Register here!

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Every camper pre-registered by 10/1/17 gets a new camp t-shirt and certificate in the mail. Put them under the Christmas tree for a present your camper will be sure to love!
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