A Playground Like No Other


Camp Wood YMCA is located on over 800 acres of picturesque Tallgrass Prairie in the heart of the Flint Hills. This unique landscape provides visitors to camp with a front row seat to explore an ecosystem that has been molded to perfection over millions of years. From glaciers to cowboys, each rock and grass is painted with a rich history that tells a story of those that came before us. But beyond the scientific discoveries and historical markers, the Flint Hills continues to breath life into all those that embrace its beauty. In its vastness, each wave of tallgrass and expanse of endless sky provides perspective and peace to all that find themselves there. For Camp Wood YMCA, we take pride in knowing that this exceptional place is our home and whether you are a camper, student or retreat participant it thrills us to be able to share our little piece of the prairie with all who visit.

Our Playground is Educational…

Between Meadowlarks and Collard Lizards, taking a walk through the prairie creates a hands-on Earth Science classroom. Finding fossils and seeing layers of flint and shale tells a history that dates to the time of dinosaurs. The quiet breeze of synchronized tallgrass produces an environment ripe for creativity and discovery.

Our Playground Builds Relationships…

With miles of unobstructed scenery, the prairie offers a place to disconnect from the business of the rest of the world and opportunity to engage in a relationship with nature, others and self. Whether its bonding with friends and family over a lakeside campfire or taking a moment to self-reflect in the breeze of the prairie wind, Camp Wood YMCA brings together what is so often frayed and neglected in a hectic world.

Our Playground is Fun…

Lastly, our little piece of the Flint Hills is chalk full of fun and exciting programs. Get a birds-eye view of the prairie from the top of our Alpine Tower or release your inner cowboy on a horse-back ride through the tall-grass. Scour the fossil pit for hidden relics of a time long ago or explore trails and creeks for critters big and small.

So, whether you find yourself at Camp Wood YMCA for a retreat, school group or summer camp, we hope our little piece of the prairie brings you a connection to nature, self and others like nothing else.