Camp Wood YMCA

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Job Openings For 2014 -


Counselor (Male and Female)

Primary care giver to a cabin of 8 campers each week.  Work with campers 7-17 yrs.

Leadership Counselor

Primary care giver to campers 14-17 yrs.  Knowledge of leadership development preferred.

Nurse (RN, NP, PhD)

Hired per camp week.     If a parent, ask us about our registration benefits for your camper(s)!


These staff members will lifeguard all activities that take place in our lake.  This includes swimming, canoeing, mud slide, and water slide.   Participates in general camp life as well.  In house training is possible.

Unit Director (Leadership)

Responsible for the supervision of counselors within assigned unit.  Previous camp and supervisory experience prefered.

Waterfront Director (Leadership)

Responsible for all waterfront programming and the supervision of all lifeguards.  Participates in general camp life as well.  Previous lifeguard experience required.  Supervisory experience prefered.

Land Director (Leadership)

Oversees all land programming; Arts & Crafts, Archery, Alpine Tower & Low Ropes, Athletics, etc.  Previous camp or similar experience required.  Supervisory experience prefered.

“In-Training” Director (Leadership)

Responsible for the planning and organizing of all “Leader-in-Training” and “Counselor-in-Training” programs.  Supervising all “IT” Counselors.  Knowledge of leadership development required.  Supervisory experience prefered.

Nature Facilitator

Lead all Nature and Outdoor Living Skills activities.  Must have knowledge of the plants and aminals of the Flint Hills. Participates in general camp life as well.

Adventure Staff

Co-lead Alpine Tower for campers 10 yrs and older.  Facilitate teambuilding activities for cabin groups, campers 7-17 yrs.  Participates in general camp life as well.  In house training will be provided, previous belay experience prefered but not required.

Arts & Crafts Coordinator

Lead all Arts & Crafts programs and one week of Pottery Camp.  Provide programming for both boys and girls ages 7-17yrs. Participates in general camp life as well.

Horse Program Director (Leadership)

Responsible for the well being of the Camp Wood YMCA herd and all horse programs.  Participates in general camp life as well.  Previous riding and camp experience required.  Previous supervisory experiece prefered.

Wrangler (Horse Staff)

Assist in planning and facilitating all horse programs.  Participates in general camp life as well.  Previous riding experience required.  Previous camp experiece prefered.

Office Assistant

Work under the supervision of both the Office Manager and the Summer Program Director.  Great computer and phone skills needed.  Must be willing to work particial weekends.

For more information contact Joe, our Summer Program Director, at 620-273-8641 or