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Job Openings For 2015 –



Counselor (Male and Female)

Often described as the best job on the planet!  Along with a co-counselor, this position is the primary caretaker of a group of 8-10 campers as young as 7 or as old as 17.  Counselors also teach our “skillbuilder” program areas and run lots of fun programs for kids. We’re looking for high-quality, responsible, positive role models for children.  Energy, enthusiasm, and a love for the outdoors strongly preferred.

Preference given for additional skills and experience, e.g. lifeguarding certification, skateboarding, acting, etc.  In-house lifeguard training is available before camp–please ask if interested.


Leadership Directors

Plan and facilitate teen leadership programs, such as Leaders-In-Training (LIT), Counselor-In-Training (CIT), and Wrangler-In-Training.  Duties including supervision and care for youth ages 14-17 while facilitating teambuilding, low- and high-ropes, planning guidance, trip planning, and evaluation of campers.  Special LIT requirements:  age 21 and comfortable leading outdoor camping/canoeing trips off camp property for multiple nights. Special WIT requirements: Substantial experience riding and caring for horses.  Special CIT requirements:  Substantial summer camp counselor experience.

ALL positions require impeccable role models and judgment.


Wranglers (Horse Staff)

Assists in planning and facilitating all horse programs.  Participates in general camp life as well, but does not generally live with campers.  Previous riding experience required.  Previous camp experience preferred.



Nurse (RN, NP, PhD)

Hired per camp week.    The camp nurse is responsible for assisting staff in maintaining the health and safety of campers and staff. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, administering first aid as necessary, responding quickly and efficiently to emergencies and emergency drills as they occur, dispensing medicine as directed by a doctor, consulting campers and staff on medical issues as qualifications permit, documenting all medical activity, assisting with check-in and check-out, assisting with training staff in first-aid procedures, and maintaining the camp infirmary.

If a parent, ask us about our registration benefits for your camper(s)!


Program Director:

The Program Director is responsible for planning and implementing resident camp programs and logistics. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, scheduling, assigning, supervising, and leading staff; planning and facilitating all-camp games/events,  Camper’s Choice, and campfires; assist and supervise dining hall preparation and clean-up; coordinate all scheduled activities and meals, coordinating camper and parent evaluations, coordinating the camp timetable, and filling-in for the Camp Director in his absence.


Unit Directors (2 positions)

The Unit Director is the leader of an age-group at camp. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, support and supervision of counselors within assigned unit, management of severe camper behavior within the unit, planning weekly unit activities and other unit-based programming, assisting in planning and implementation of all-camp games and events, and training and support staff and campers on overnight camp outs.  Previous camp and supervisory experience preferred.


Waterfront Director

The Waterfront Director is responsible for safety and supervising all happenings on the waterfront, including campers and staff. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, supervising lifeguards and waterfront instructors, dealing with discipline issues at the waterfront (campers and staff), waterfront inventory, coordinating with the Program Director to schedule staff for aquatic programs, conducting swim tests, overseeing swim lessons, implementing lost swimmer drills, checking the waterfront areas daily for safety, and generally being responsible for everything that happens at the waterfront.

Previous lifeguard experience required.  Must at least 21 years old to for compliance with American Camp Association standards. Supervisory experience preferred.


Adventure Coordinator

The Adventure Coordinator designs and manages all teambuilding, low-ropes, and high-ropes programs.  Responsibilities include training and supervising staff assigned to adventure programs, planning comprehensive adventure program curriculum, ensuring that campers and staff are unquestionably safe at all times in low-ropes and high-ropes programs, properly setting up and tearing down Alpine Tower daily, documenting equipment use and climbs properly, offering suggestions to the camp administration regarding adventure programs and equipment, ensuring that all adventure programs are safe, fun, progressive, and well-run.

Participates in general camp life as well and assists with programming and camp operations required. Previous high- and low-ropes experience required.


Arts & Crafts Coordinator

Design and implement a comprehensive Arts & Crafts curriculum for boys and girls ages 7-17 including, but not limited to, pottery, painting, drawing, jewelry, nature crafts, boondoggle, candlemaking, and more.  Responsible for training staff assigned to Arts & Crafts how to teach and run programs, organization of all A&C materials and facilities, keeping A&C dynamic, fun, and engaging for all ages in a variety of settings, and assisting with the decorations and costumes for all-camp events and games.

Participates in general camp life as well and helps with general programming and camp operations as required.


Equestrian Director

Designs and implements a comprehensive horse riding and care curriculum for children ages 7-17, assisted by 2-3 Wrangler staff. Works closely with the WIT directors to plan and run Wrangler-In-Training programs.  Supervises and trains barn staff (Wranglers and assigned counselors) and ensures staff and participant safety and equestrian program quality.  Also responsible for the well-being of the Camp Wood YMCA herd (feeding, alerting the Facilities Director of any illness or injury, etc).

Participates in general camp life as well and assists with additional programming and camp operations as required.  Previous riding and camp experience required.  Previous supervisory experience preferred.


Office Assistant

Work under the supervision of both the Office Manager and Summer Camp Director.  Great computer and phone skills needed.  Must be willing to work partial weekends and early evenings.

For more information contact Joe, Summer Camp Director, at 620-273-8641620-273-8641 or or download an Application Packet.