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Surf’s Up! Time for pick up is…

July 17th, 2015 by admin

Saturday is just around the corner!  Come find out what your kids did this week while they were at camp. Closing slideshow is at 10:00.  Coffee will be on and excitement in the air!

You’ll see pictures of horse camp, skateboard camp, paintball camp, Inside Out Middle School Leadership Camp, and good ‘ole do a little bit of everything Traditional Camp.  And you’ll hear about what our other “In Training” campers did.

See you here!  Please remember to bring a picture ID to show us when you sign your child out.


If you’re registered for camp July 19-25 we’ll see you at registration between 2:30-4:00. Theme for the week: Christmas In July. Bring your holiday spirit & a spirit of fun!


Summer Camp 2015 Pics & Themes

June 17th, 2015 by admin

Good morning Campers and Parents,

Summer Camp is well underway. Our 2nd week is going fantastic!  For pictures please go to our Facebook page: Camp Wood YMCA. If you do not have an account, you can go to the following link and you will still be able to see the pictures posted.

If you battle to make that happen, send Cheri an email at and I’ll try to help.

(Below pics you’ll find our remaining Session Themes.)



Themes for the remaining weeks are as follows:

June 21-27: Pre-Historic

June 28-July 4: Family Camp: The Great Escape (Registration space is still available.  Go to:

July 5-11: Super Heroes & Heroes

July 12-18: Surf’s Up!

July 19-25: Christmas in July

July 26-August 1: Time Travelers

August 2-8: Hollywood Nights

Have a great week! See you Saturday morning at 9:30 for a video slideshow and a wrap-up of the happenings of the week.

What’s In A Solution-Maker?

February 23rd, 2015 by admin

Blog pic-What's In A-001The world is full of unique people. And you are one of them! We all are. Your kids are; their friends are; we all are. We all have a personality that is unique to every other person around us. When it comes to how we step into each new day, how we deal with situations we encounter, how we see the world, we all do it in our own way. Some of us want to know the next step now. Some of us enjoy dreaming about the future. And some of us are good at getting others from the now to the future; keeping the dreams alive. How we carry out the uniqueness in each of us is what makes life interesting!

Summer Camp is full of unique kids with unique ideas! By the middle of the week they get even more unique; full of energy and on the tired side at the same time! It’s an amazing trait of kids of all ages. How we help them deal with new situations and new people is often about helping them find solutions to their situations. When kids get frustrated in a moment or are unsure of trying something new; we can let them stay in the moment or we can help them find a solution for moving forward. Helping them move beyond the frustration or into the new excitement of trying something they have never even thought of trying and may never have the chance to try again, is where we see the smiles return!

Accomplishment thrives on their faces. That’s where solution-makers thrive and where solution-makers are developed. Some kids are natural at coming up with solutions. Some kids are learners in the process. Somehow they help each other with the guidance of an awesome team of summer camp staff.

We hope when campers return home that you hear all about what they achieved; and if they had to be a solution-maker, we hope they tell you so that you can celebrate their moment of success with them!

Will you be a solution-maker today? All things are possible when we put our heads together to see what can be done!

What’s In A HuRah!

February 15th, 2015 by admin

Last week we asked the question: What if a Grrr! can be turned into a HuRah? And what if Summer Camp can help our kids turn a Grrr! moment into something great? As we start this day, instead of starting with the Grrr! moments to see what they are; we’re starting the morning with the celebrations! Celebrations, those HuRah moments, are what we want to help kids do at Summer Camp…to find the things we can celebrate about each other, especially in our differences.

So what do we have to celebrate?  To say HuRah! about? 

  • A child who sees a swarm of grasshoppers for the first time in a fly by as the cabin group walks down a pathway. Exploration.
  • A camper who goes down the mudslide tube and lands in a big SPLAT of mud for the first time ever, and comes out with a smile of shock on his face. Fear overcome!
  • Your child, our camper, who slips off the edge of the waterslide into lake water, after being encouraged by her counselor and an entire cabin that she can most definitely do it! The camper was standing at the bottom of the steps up to the slide refusing to even think about it 4 minutes ago. Encouragement.
  • A camper who is feeling homesick but is suddenly surrounded by a group of cabin boys telling him stories that make him laugh. Soon he lays down and goes to sleep. Success!
  • A thank you given to you in the middle of what feels like your very bad, horrible, no good day. Hope.
  • A miracle felt in a situation where there seemed to be no answer. Life.
  • A stewardess on an airplane who made you laugh at a point when the turbulence felt as if your airplane might blow sideways. A cabin counselor brings out a similar laughter in an unsure camper. Caring.
  • Campout night. A campers first time to see a million plus stars, with no street lights in sight. Awe.
  • A camper who wrote you a letter home to tell you he thinks he should now help you clean his own bedroom (no promises!). Responsibility. Love.


Life. It’s worth celebrating. We can look at the “what is going wrong” side of life…or we can find the other side; the HuRah! side. This week we hope you find life’s little things that make you go HuRah! We look forward to finding the HuRah! moments at Summer Camp when our campers arrive!

We’d love to hear any of your HuRah! moments this week. The comment section is open for comment…



What’s In A “Grrr!”

February 7th, 2015 by admin

Does it happen during Summer Camp? What will we do with it?

This month is about what bubbles up inside of us as things happen. And they do happen. Does our mental attitude during the bubbling have an impact on Healthy Living? What do our kids do with the bubbling? Exploring the “Grrr!” will help us get started as we consider the possibilities.

To understand what’s in a “Grrr!”; it may be helpful to first understand a meaning of the word “Grrr!” as used in this situation; if it is indeed a word. What response does your body have when you hear the word “Grrr!”? Does it force a smile? Does it make you sigh? Maybe it makes you want to leave the room! Maybe you have no idea what I’m asking. For me it makes the hair on my skin stand up. And it makes that thing we call the pit of our stomach make itself known! It can be a sinking feeling. However, if caught in time, could it be used for good?  This may be the question to explore.

I looked up the word Grrr! online (even without the exclamation point). Two dictionary resources gave me an error message. Maybe it is actually an error. A Grrr! could quite possibly be viewed as an error; if not handled with care and made to work for good. A Grrr! as defined here is a big, huge, Grumble! It’s a grumble that returns again and again. It’s a grumble that has no solution in mind. It’s only there because it’s allowed to be there. A grumble can cause much pain. It can make a person or a group of people feel bad; both the giver and the receiver. Why? Because it spreads! Imagine for a moment what kids refer to as a “cootie”; that imaginary thing that jumps from child to child until someone says stop it! Kids actually yell it. “Sto-o-o-o-p It”! And they yell it out of frustration or hurt; or they run from it.

So what can we do about a cootie-sized grumble, referred to as a “Grrr!”? Can it actually be used for good? Maybe it’s all in how we handle the Grrr! that is stirring up inside of us. When we adults have Grrr! moments, what do we do with them (and we have lots of them if we’re honest)? What do kids see?


What if a Grrr! can be turned into a HuRah? A sort of celebratory action that comes out of finding a solution to that thing that made you Grrr! (HuRah…also not in the dictionary, but related to the word hurrah). And what if Summer Camp can help our kids turn a Grrr! moment into something great? Something that helps a friend. Check back next Saturday on some thoughts about getting a HuRah out of a Grrr! in “What’s In A HuRah?”

As this unfolds, we’d love to hear your own strategies.

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